Emma Lander


I have felt lost in something many times over the years. I say lost in something because I can never really explain the feeling, I just suddenly realise that I’ve lost my way and I’m no longer the happy person that I usually am.

Looking back I’ve come to understand that when I feel this way I usually do something pretty big to get myself back to where I need to be. The first time it happened (when I was nineteen) I flew to the other side of the world for an adventure, and that adventure set me on a track that I’ve never really got off.

Since then I’ve solo travelled in various countries, lived and worked abroad, set up by myself in new cities and, most recently, started my own business.

I’m fairly average at most things in life but one thing I pride myself on is my determination. My ability to give something a go even when I’m scared shitless with no idea of what the outcome will be.

Because of my experiences I am certain that getting outside of your comfort zone is healthy (even necessary) and that’s essentially why I’ve created this blog.

I want more people to take risks.

I want more people to smash their own fears.

I want more people to live the life they truly want to live.


Because I see too many people (and I am sometimes one of them) not doing what their heart desires because they’re scared.

Scared of what? Not knowing what might happen. Not being good enough. Failing.

These are very real fears that all of us have faced, the difference is that some people face their fear and others let it control them.

I live with anxiety which, in the past, has caused me some real issues. It also means it takes a TON of energy for me to battle my fear and live the life I want. But I do it because it feels so damn great when I achieve something I have set my heart on.

Here are three promises I have made to myself over the years that have stuck with me and helped me when life has gone dark:


1. Never again work a job that you hate (you spend a lot of time at work and life is short)

2. When you start feeling too comfortable shake things up (because, for me, comfortable means I’m losing confidence)

3. Accept what you cannot change and change what you cannot accept (taken from the Serenity Prayer, I think?)

These three promises are key to how I have lived my life so far and how I intend to keep on living it.


Here are some examples of those promises in action:


  1. I recently left a job that messed with my mental health. It was a little late but I eventually realised the work was making me desperately unhappy (think hiding under a duvet dreading the thought of going to work)
  2. I’ve flown to new countries, wingwalked, got a job abroad, bungee jumped off a platform and jumped out of a plane all in the spirit of shaking things up to find my confidence. It works every time.
  3. I’ve grown to accept that I suffer with anxiety but am now taking steps to equip myself with the tools needed to make sure it doesn’t take over my life.

When life gets a little stale I can highly recommend jumping out of a plane

Over the last year or so I have made some realisations about life that have held me back somewhat.

I am done with comparing myself to others.

I am done with waiting for the future to fix my problems.

I am done with trying to become successful in other people’s eyes and I’m concentrating on defining what success means to me.

I’m writing this blog to teach myself about wellness, about living life to the full, and about enjoying the ride. And if I can help some people along the way then that’ll be pretty cool.

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